Man vs. Machine – Who Will Triumph in the Ultimate Poker Battle?

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online slots from Paddy Power

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With the growth of technology and the increased use of internet the online gaming has taken a drastic change from the older generations. The previous generations used to play games mostly on board whereas the today’s generation play it online which has become much more comfortable and easy to play....

Man vs. Machine – Who Will Triumph in the Ultimate Poker Battle? Choosing the right slot game for you and playing safe online slots from Paddy Power Top bingo sites in UK without any deposit required Online games where you can win money

History of Poker

Sources dispute the country in which the game of poker originated. Some say Germany, the United States, France, England, or even argue that the game originated as early as the Persian and Egyptian Empires.
However, all agree that the modern game, as it exists today, is the result of a culmination of different games, cultural influences and rules. The foundation for modern card games seems to be in the Early Egyptian, Persian and Chinese empires. Each giving their unique contribution to the way the game of poker is played in those parts of the world today.
It was in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe that the famous American games have their roots. During these periods games similar to that of modern day poker were played in Germany and France. Pochen a German game and Poque a French game both lend influence to the modern name of Poker.
These European players, after emigrating to the new world, settled on the banks of the Mississippi River in what would become New Orleans and began to play their traditional European games. Due to the mixture of cultures that settled in these areas, many hybrid games developed. Some European explorers did not settle and pushed further west, taking these hybrid games with them.
The saloons of the old west became the setting where many modern poker variations were created.
Today, the game is a multi million dollar industry with companies target market being pretty much anyone with a spare penny and an Internet connection. Players of varying affluence and skill are invited to play against each other in indiscriminate surroundings and the game still embodies that “Anyone can make it” attitude of the old west, an attitude that is the supporting pillar of the American Dream.
It has become such an international industry that women and men from the ages of 18 to 80 now play it in both developing and developed worlds. Click here to experience it for yourself and try out a great variety of games.

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