Man vs. Machine – Who Will Triumph in the Ultimate Poker Battle?

Artificial Intelligence has many different uses. We interact with AI in our everyday life without even realizing it and, as the technology improves, it will see an even greater use.   For the most part, poker is a human activity, however, there are many online poker games and tournaments that...


Choosing the right slot game for you and playing safe

For new, and even the experienced slot machine players, going from land based to casinos may seem a bigger step than you imagined.  There are hundreds, even thousands of slot games available to play and these are usually categorised into diverse types of games, such as the classic 3 reels...


online slots from Paddy Power

Now that January’s almost over, it’s time to make sure your New Year goals are locked in to make this your most successful year yet! Do you feel like you need to travel more? Try new foods? Or maybe meet that special someone! No matter what your goals happen to...


Top bingo sites in UK without any deposit required

With an increase in the internet usage bingo has become an online thing rather than its predecessor which was more of a social event. However, with such a sharp increase in bingo sites in the online space the difficulty of finding a good bingo site has increased. Nevertheless here is...


Online games where you can win money

With the growth of technology and the increased use of internet the online gaming has taken a drastic change from the older generations. The previous generations used to play games mostly on board whereas the today’s generation play it online which has become much more comfortable and easy to play....

Man vs. Machine – Who Will Triumph in the Ultimate Poker Battle? Choosing the right slot game for you and playing safe online slots from Paddy Power Top bingo sites in UK without any deposit required Online games where you can win money

Why should you start playing online poker

Playing online poker can be a great way to improve your poker table skills.  Despite what some live game purists would have you believe, you can learn a lot by sitting down at your computer and playing online poker.  It is true that you will miss out on a lot of the benefits of live poker games – such as learning to control your own tells in a live game environment, and learning how to read other player’s tells, but there are still many things that you can learn by playing online poker.

The main reason that you should start playing online poker is convenience.  Online poker can be played wherever you have access to the internet.  This means that you can get more hands of practice in.  I doubt anyone would dispute that the more hands you play, the better you get!

Another reason why you should start playing online poker is because you will have the chance to play a huge range of opponents.  If you’re playing live games right now, you’re probably up against the same four or five people every week – what does that teach you?  Probably very little.  Once you’ve learned to read those people, your game will be going nowhere.  Exposing yourself to a huge range of people means that you will learn to categorise people, you will learn to read the table quickly, and you will improve your memory and your analytical skills.

If you need more reasons to play online poker, then how about poker schools, and live chats with poker pros?  The online poker rooms offer a huge amount of assistance and learning resources to their players – from videos and articles to access to poker pros.  What better way to learn than to ask for advice from the absolute best?

Playing live games is great, but if you’re not augmenting your poker practice with online poker, you’re seriously missing out. Download 888 poker and start playing online poker today

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